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Ottawa Instrumentation Limited

Ottawa Instrumentation Ltd (OIL) has followed a path of steady development based upon investment of retained earnings and following Schumacher’s principle of only investing what can be recovered within one year.

Originally founded as an independent consulting company, it acquired RBR Ltd in 1998, and transformed it into a world leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments.

Over the years, it has established new industry standards in performance, size and durability and continues to offer an industry leading limited life time warranty on its oceanographic products.

OIL has made investments in new business ventures, especially in the field of sensors, system integration and mechanical prototype and design.

This website provides an overview of our ventures and some of our principal collaborators.

The OIL Logo

The logo is a tribute to the inspiration of Albert Edward Johnson with whom both of his sons spent many hours learning both the rudiments and arcane skills of electronics, amateur radio, photography, machine shop practice, voluntary services and countless other skills that come to the surface every day in surprising ways. He was an instructor that led by example.