OIL has a core staff of:

Dr Frank Johnson – President
Kara Golota – Secretary and Treasurer
Dr Caroline Brabyn – Chartered accountant and PhD in biochemistry
Gabrielle Pell – Degrees in biology and industrial design
Pawel Lukaczek – Machinist
Dr John Miller – Electronics engineering and design
Beverley Boyd – Book keeping

We are also pleased to be able to draw on the expertise of Art Fraser on telecommunications instrumentation and  Zbigniew Szurmak a highly skilled mechanical engineer who conceived of the pressure case designs still used by RBR, as well as the design of the new sensor housings for SpectraSense.  We are also proud to work with Brian Johnson at The Mustard Seed  for all of our design and graphics needs.

Dr David Gibbons and Richard Brancker remains associated as technical directors.

Within this list there is an extraordinary cohort of people who have worked together twice or more at different times and often in different companies.  This includes:

Richard Brancker, Frank Johnson, Kara Golota, Caroline Brabyn, Gabrielle Pell, John Miller, Art Fraser, Zbigniew Szurmak, David Gibbons and formerely Lyn Davies within OIL;

Bart Geleynse, Mohinder Singh Gida and Robert Brehm in SpectraSense;

Graham Jones, Jerry Molnar, Minh Luong and My Hong in RBR.

Tom McDonald who worked with me in Liverpool to develop the Liverpool Safety Tester, then moved to the Nottingham NHS and finally to the Nottingham Queens Medical Centre.  Hugh Goodwin should also be considered part of this list – we first met when he was at Rigel Research in my Liverpool days, then worked together at Oxford Medical Systems, and finally were together again at Stowood Scientific Instruments.

Just why these people keep rejoining the network is something to discover over a social time at Irene’s Pub, but it perhaps illustrates a sense that there is more to the story of OIL than just numbers or turnover.