1973 RBR founded
Frank Johnson receives PhD in neurophysiology
Greg Johnson born
1976 Kara Johnson (Golota) born
1973- 1985 Frank works with medical engineering in hospitals, medical schools and private industry in the UK
1986 Frank joins RBR and develops first range of oceanographic instruments; the TL-100 and XL series of data loggers dates from this era
1989 Frank re-establishes connection to medical engineering at the Ottawa Heart Institute and meets Zbiginiew Szurmak, John Miller and Jerry Molnar
1989 Mohinder Singh Gida joins RBR
1990 Gabrielle Pell leaves RBR to study industrial design
1991 Ottawa Instrumentation Limited (OIL) founded with Zbigniew Szurmak and David Gibbons as partners
1998 OIL takes over RBR. Frank, Zbigniew and David produce second generation of oceanographic instruments
2000 Bart Geleynse joins RBR as Marketing Director.
2003 Robert Brehm joins RBR as Managing Director of RBR Europe GmbH
2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake tsunami hits the coast of Tamil-Nadu
2005 Support offered to fishing village in Chinnakuppam, 100km south of Chennai where RBR representatives Electrotek and Results Marine have offices
2007 Irene’s Pub bought by RBR and developed as a focus for live music
2008 Greg joins RBR full time
SpectraSense formed with Bart Geleynse, Robert Brehm and Mohinder Singh
Phil Gibbs joins RBR as Managing Director of RBR Europe (UK)
2010 Workshop moved to new premises
Kara and Alex Golota take over Irene’s Pub
2011 Kara starts OrganisedSavvy.ca
RBR moves to Hines Road
Frank invited to join the board of CMCT in Chennai, the NGO that assisted the Chinnakuppam fishing village
2012 Oxford Blue Systems started in England under the umbrella of RBR Europe