2016 News


2015, and a lot has happened since the last update.  RBR is now running independently under Greg Johnson and growing rapidly,  in September 2014 Stowood Scientific Instruments was restructured with Dr Gwilym Davies as the CEO and OIL retains an interest with Frank Johnson as CEO ;  MilkMaven has come and gone, TactileVision came to Ottawa after a lot of engineering preparation to accommodate a 15Kw thermographic printer but then found bigger premises in Windsor, Oxford Blue Systems continues to operate in the UK and Phil Gibbs is now a senior partner in Swale Oceanographic and Squamscott engineering has been started up in New Hampshire to collaborate on sensor design with SpectraSense Inc.

2016, and we continue to evolve.  This year we have added a new skill – LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and you can find more about that in this page

About the site

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Welcome. This website provides an overview of OIL, its ventures and associated companies, and some of our principal collaborators. As these ventures grow, we will post news here of developments.

Formed as an independent consulting company in 1991, OIL took over RBR in 1998 and proceeded to grow and invest in further ventures over the years. You can read a brief history here.

The strength of any organisation lies in its people, and none more so than OIL. You can read more about the people who have made OIL and its partners and collaborators what it is today here.

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