OIL is also proud to collaborate with and support:

Irene’s Pub – Ottawa, Canada

This iconic pub was bought by RBR in 2007 from Irene Corey, renamed after the new owner’s mother, and now owned and run by Alex and Kara Golota. It is making an international reputation as a location for live music, and a place for excellent food and drink in Ottawa.

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This is an independent company that has made submersible optical sensors for many years. It has collaborated with SpectraSense on the design of new sensors for high range turbidity.

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Ritchie Feed & Seed

This is a collaborator with OIL on the development of new sensors for monitoring bovine digestive efficiency to optimise feedstuff composition. With RFS we also collaborate on the development of an integrated monitoring system for measuring runoff from agricultural land into natural waters, a collaboration that was started in China in a joint Ontario-China project to examine water quality management in the Three Gorges Reservoir. Other work on sensors for the dairy industry is carried out with personnel from here.

Organised Savvy

Kara-Lee Golota’s own enterprise with a special interest in Parelli Natural Horse Training.

Christian Missions Charitable Trust

Frank Johnson sits on the International Board of this NGO, an organisation that helps the poorest of the poor of Chennai and the surrounding region of Tamil Nadu, employing over 400 local people and serving food to 2,500 hungry mouths every day.

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The Mustard Seed

This website has been established by Brian Johnson through his company based in the UK. He specialises in website design and custom applications.

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